la autora

One warm afternoon in early May, while walking up and down rows and stamping homework, a pink-haired freshman boy in a football jersey asked “Senorita White, do you fly planes?” “No,” I told him, “Why do you ask?” “I don’t know.  You just seem like would be able to do tricks up in the sky.”

Tricks up in the sky.  He was the second kid to ask a similar question.  Do I fly? Can I do tricks up there? For both of these students, I’d figured out how to defy normal life, at least a little bit. To see it from a different perspective.  To get some distance.  To create magic and excitement.

That’s what I want to do with this blog and the book that’s in gestation. Find a way to show another side of life. To use pain and disappointment AND wonder and blessing as the fuel for my story-telling engine and take you up there with me in my little plane in the sky.

Let’s go!