Looking for Answers

There are few things I love more than someone saying to me “Naomi, you’re an expert on (massage, teaching Spanish, online dating,  international travel, jam-making, heart-breaking, eye shadow application, etc.”, what’s your opinion on this?

Really and truly.  

I think I’m not wrong when I say that most of us have a littler inner self that sits up straight and listens closely for whatever thing the speaker is wanting our particular expertise on.

And so…I need YOUR opinion, since you’re the expert on your own good self. 

All the writing you’ve been enjoying on this blog has come from journaling.  I’ve taken several writing classes and have belonged to a writing circle or two and this has given me tools to make what I write deeper and juicer (although this is not to say that one can’t have deep or juicy writing without them.  It’s definitely possible.) I know there are lots of journal-keepers out there and people who would like to WRITE write but who feel a little bit intimidated or who maybe don’t know where to start.  If this is you, read on.  If this is not a you, read on. 

One of my current creative projects right now is creating a journal for the:

  • non-writer who wishes they were more of a writer and needs a bit of support 
  • already-writer who is looking for a different angle to writing/journaling 
  • anyone who wants to get more juice out of what they write 
  • (ps. By “writer”, I mean someone who puts words to the page in any sort of thoughtful way)

This is where you and your opinion come in. Please follow this link and complete the survey.  It will take about 2.5 minutes and be of tremendous help to me.

Thank you!  

Click here: Back Door Journals Survey

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kateri says:

    I would live it if you also had a beginners writers circle. I think that would catapult my desire to put down what gurgle in my mind.


    1. naomiwhite says:

      What a great idea! I love writers circles. I wonder how well a cyber circle would work.


  2. Irene Atkinson says:

    Answers are process not events. Ephemeral. Elusive. Here and gone… Hi, Naomi…! Before I quit Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America, I had three rejected manuscripts which qualified me to join PAN (Professional Authors N…Something) I quit because the market changed. With much thought I decided not to target mass market any more –it was moving in an un-satisfying direction. If I wrote now (or finished any of several manuscripts) I would look at self-epublishing. Even now, I could put my Highlander manuscript on the Highlander fan web site —but I’d have to finish the trilogy I was writing… Why bother. Writer critique groups are so important for unpublished writers. Before I quit, I was in a critique group for 5-7 years. Awesome experience. We luckily had one member who was well-published (25-30 books out). We may have helped her but she truly helped the rest of us. Tom’s sister, Andrea, and I are both in love with Ilona Andrews (a married couple) and their Kate & Curran series. Fast action and comedy…and their “Sweep in Peace” series. See you soon? Irene


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